Ideal Saddles

The Ideal Saddle Company has an extensive range of saddles with standard width fittings. Through attention to detail, experience and skill they produce the finest quality saddle every time offering a world of choice in performance, durability, and style.

Ideal also offer their special ‘design to order’ service through TDS Saddlers, which is proving very popular. At the manufacturing stage they can make a range of alterations translating your most detailed requirements into the IDEAL saddle for you.

They can build up or lower the gusset at the rear, modify the panel in the area around the points, which fits into hollows at the base of the withers, to lift up the front of the saddle to suit thoroughbreds, or, in cases where the bearing area from the points needs to be lower, they have developed trees with extra-long points. Many more modifications can be made to suit any horse and riders desires.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our Master Saddler and get the saddle that your horse deserves.