How to Enjoy The Perfect Hack

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How to Enjoy The Perfect Hack

Hacking – putting a girth on your horse and taking him off out into the countryside – is something all riders look forward to, but if you’re new to the pursuit here are a couple of tips to make sure you have nothing but a great time in the beautiful British countryside.

If you’re new to hacking, make sure you don’t go out on your own. Ride alongside someone else so both you and your horse have a good experience, and consider going with someone who is unlikely to set off on their own at a pace you’re unable to match at first.

Cantering while out on a hack can be really fun but you need to ensure that you stay in control. Horses can get a bit over-excited if they see a lot of open space and you don’t want your horse to bolt and take you with him, so make sure you pick the right place when you feel up to trying out a bit of cantering.

As much fun as you find hacking, it’s especially good for your horse since it breaks up their day and keeps them mentally stimulated and in peak physical condition. It’s also a brilliant activity for building up areal rapport and sense of trust between you and your horse.

Horses can be easily spooked but by taking them on regular hacks they’ll soon learn that you have their best interests at heart and will be there, even if they do spook at a big hedge or a pile of logs.

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