Preparing for The Death of Your Horse

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Preparing for The Death of Your Horse

As you use your new Ideal saddle this summer, you won’t want to think about the worst happening, but perhaps you should think about making plans for when your horse passes on.

Pet cemeteries are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as our beloved animal companions get pampered not just in life, but also in death, the Daily Mail reported.

There are a number of options for pet owners, including cremation or burial of their animals, or even getting buried with their pets when their own time comes.

Approximately 50 pet cemeteries exist across the UK, and one of them – Penwith Pet Crematorium – now cremates over 200 animals a week, which is double what it did a decade ago.

The growth in the pet funeral industry means that there are obviously additional costs with laying your pet to rest, but luckily there are some financing options.

Pet funeral plans are available, for example from Pens Rest, which allow pet owners to prepare for their animal’s departure.

These can be paid over a year in different numbers of instalments if required.

Remember, there are a number of steps you are legally required to take when your horse dies, for example, if they have a pet passport then you need to make sure that their passport is returned to the relevant Passport Issuing Organisation within 30 days of the death of the horse.

It is an offence to fail to do this so make sure that you, any other owners of the horse, or anyone you sell your horse to are aware of this legal requirement.

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