Top Tips For Summer Horse Riding

girl riding a horse through the tall grass in summer

Top Tips For Summer Horse Riding

With the sun coming out and the days getting longer, you need to start thinking about ways to get you and your family out of the house, away from their screens and into the great outdoors. So find yourself an Ideal saddle for your horse and have yourself some fun in the sun.

Activities such as hiking and bike riding are perfect ways to spend your summer days, but horse riding can be one of the most thrilling pastimes and will give you a tremendous sense of adventure. Finding the perfect location for your ride is easy in the UK, as there are so many great places to choose from.

Before you set off on a riding excursion, it is essential to guarantee that you have all the best equipment, for both yourself and the horse. If you are planning on joining a riding school, then it is usually best to ring ahead in order to confirm what you need to bring.

If you are a horse owner, then the most important purchase that you will make will be the saddle. The fit of the saddle will determine the comfort and health of your horse. A poor fitting or poorly made piece of equipment will do much unnecessary damage to the skin of your animal, leaving it in pain and in danger of infection. Finding a comfortable fit is always the most important factor.

If you’re more interested in show-jumping, rather than going on a long ride, then you will need to acquire materials more suited to dressage. An Albion saddle or a Fairfax saddle are two great examples of manufacturers who have a range of products specifically for dressage.

There are many other quality saddle makers operating today, with products like the Albion dressage saddle, so if you do plan on riding a horse this summer, then find one that suits you and your animal best.

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